HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Time for a heart healthy weekend full of good food and lots of outdoor activities!

Our last heart health rule for American Heart Health Month is just as important for our overall health, as it is for our hearts.

Rule 4: Don’t Smoke & Drink in Moderation (or Not at All)

  • Nicotine and an excess of alcohol have been shown to narrow blood vessels, increase heart rate, and raise blood pressure, thus straining the heart.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all for an occasional glass of wine!

In fact, studies have shown an occasional glass of wine may decrease your risk of heart attack & stroke! Moderation is the key word here. Too much of anything is never good. It is possible to exercise too much, drink too much water, even eat too many carrots and turn orange!

Sources- Ambrose, Elaine & Tryba, Lynn. “The Five Golden Rules of Heart Health – No Matter Your Age”. Taste For Life. February 2011: 24-27.


Have a great day! See you at Rollin’ Oats!