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Crunchy and Creamy Paleo Fudge

⅓ cup coconut oil
⅓ cup coconut butter
½ cup nut butter of choice (I used almond butter)
¼ cup cocoa or cacao powder
2 Tablespoon honey
¼ cup cacao nibs
¼ cup pumpkin seeds (I used salted, sprouted pumpkin seeds)

In a medium bowl, add the coconut oil and coconut butter and melt in the microwave (or stove top) for approximately 30-45 seconds.
Then add the nut butter, cacao powder and honey and stir to combine. Then add the pumpkin seeds and cacao nibs and mix together to combine again.
Pour the fudge mixture into a square pan lined with aluminum foil. Freeze for thirty minutes.
Take out of the freezer and cut into 20 squares of fudge and enjoy! Keep the fudge in the freezer to prevent melting.