Ian Florence

Cafe General Manager

Chef Ian Florence has nearly 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Born and raised here in St. Petersburg’s perfect mix of city culture, and southern hospitality, he graduated salutatorian of the state at the young age of 16. At 19, Ian took on his first role as Executive Chef, after in fact starting his culinary achievements here at Rollin’ Oats in 96. With an equal passion for food and music he moved to the central coast of California in 2005 where he continued his training, and expanded his knowledge in the art of food, and customer service. Chef Florence specializes in world cuisine, and farm to table dining experiences. In April 2014 he happily returned to his home town of St. Pete where he made a full circle back to Rollin’ Oat’s Cafe. After watching the growth of the life style the Rollin’ Oats family provides for the community, he is very excited to see what gets put on the table in the near future.

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