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Robin of Ocean Grown Farms grows both wheatgrass and microgreens. Her farm is in Alva, Florida. She started growing wheatgrass in Florida about 20 years ago after learning how it was being used for thoroughbred horses and cattle. After doing some research she learned that it was being recommended to those with illnesses. “I thought you know, that’s my calling. I want to do something so that I can help people, and here I am!” said Robin.

How do you grow your wheatgrass?

The grass is grown hydroponically, that means that I don’t use compost, soil and the big benefit to that is the nutrients go directly to the roots, so the roots don’t have to go searching for nutrients. The nutrients are right there for them. And the other big benefit of not growing in soil is I can cut as close to the root as possible without getting dirt in it. Because the closer to the root, the sweeter and more nutritionally dense the wheatgrass is. You can buy the wheatgrass at Rollin’ Oats, it comes in the 1-pound bags in the produce section, or you can have them juice it for you in the café. And because it is grown in ocean water, it has all those nutrients brought to it directly.

Robin Ocean Grown Farms

How did you get started?

I’ve always loved to grow plants, to raise animals, take care of living things. When I was a little kid, I planted a garden in my sandbox. It started to grow, it started to flourish, and my friends came over to play with me and they called my plants weeds and they pulled them out! I was mortified. So that is when my family got me a rototiller, just a little kiddie rototiller, and I started growing from there. Now, I’ve outgrown my sandbox, but I realized how important wheatgrass was.

Why is wheatgrass so good for you?

Some of the phenomenal properties of wheatgrass that is not found in anything else is the abundance of nutrients. It is loaded with Vitamins A, C, B and E. It’s loaded with calcium, zinc, copper. It’s a gold mine of wealth. 1 ounce of wheatgrass juice is equal to 2 ½ pounds of green leafy vegetables.

Wheatgrass Cooler

How should someone start with wheatgrass?

If you are new to wheatgrass, or if you have done wheatgrass before, I would really suggest you try my wheatgrass! It’s delicious, and as I said it’s very powerful, it’s some of the best wheatgrass you are ever going to find. If you have never had wheatgrass before, I suggest you start with a very small amount. Maybe get an ounce shot and split it with a friend. Afterwards, follow it with an orange slice. Start slowly. Wheatgrass is a powerful detoxifier, it’s an energizer, it feeds your body.

Sunflower Sprouts
Sunflower sprouts at Ocean Grown Farms.

Find Ocean Grown Farms wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts at Rollin’ Oats Market & Café St. Pete and Rollin’ Oats Market & Cafe Tampa. You can find the wheatgrass and microgreens in the produce section at both locations, or you can even order the wheatgrass juice right at Rollin’ Oats Café St. Pete and Rollin’ Oats Café Tampa.

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