Running Ambassadors

Rollin’ Oats Running Ambassadors

Here are the Rollin’ Oats Running Ambassadors for the 2023-24 season.


On New Years 2021, CT woke up and saw 503 staring at him from his scale. He knew had to make some changes, so he started his health journey. Each day was a new journey, but step by step, it had begun. Since then, he has added swimming and biking to his routine. In 2022, he traversed a total of 1,300 miles. He decided to take on new challenges in 2023. After completing the St Anthony’s duathlon, he went on two complete two sprint triathlons on Fort DeSoto. In addition to his training, he has  removed alcohol from his life. He currently works with Herban Flow to spread the message about the benefits of sobriety. The Rollin’ Oats 10k is one of his favorite races, because it pushes him in his most difficult event.

After shattering his foot in 2021, he was told he could only walk until he got below 400 pounds. Currently weighing 425, CT is hoping to get that last drop, so he can add running to his checklist in 2024. In the meantime, he has joined Leo Briceno’s swim team, the Wahoos, and has weekly group committed swims at the St Pete Pier. CT Loves shopping local and exploring what St Pete has to offer him. He is also passionate about helping other folks who are larger and worried about joining a race. CT believes that races should be inclusive to all body types. 

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Hey there! My name is Perla and I love all things health and wellness! I believe that creating healthy habits will help us to achieve the life we desire. 

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My name is Spencer McDermott and I am a 25 year old St. Pete native. I have spent the last 3 and a half years weight lifting and although I made tremendous progress there, I felt that my cardiovascular training took a major hit so I decided to make a change by running consistently this past year. This proved to be difficult having gained about 30 pounds but here we are. I am passionate about fitness and love St. Pete! You can find me most days at a coffee shop with my wonderful wife Lilly.

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Tracy Guida is a Tampa-based content creator who showcases her love of food and fitness on her social media platforms. She has been serious about running since 2017 and enjoys helping people find a healthy balance with food and exercise. If she is not at the gym or running, you can find her exploring all the local pizza spots in Tampa Bay.

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Hi, My name is Phil Collins. I’m a St.Pete resident, but I was raised in Memphis, TN. I found my love for running after a hospital stay that started in 2018. I spent 10 days in the hospital with a severe case of diverticulitis. The doctors told me the cause of my illness was hereditary or due to the fact that I was obese, so I promised myself upon my release that I would lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Health starts in the kitchen, and in having a desire to eat right, I found Rolling Oats Market, who were also partners with St. Pete Run Fest. I owe both a huge debt of gratitude for healthy foods and a race to challenge my fitness levels, which helped me embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle!

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