Boujee Smoothies

Rollin’ Oats has won Best Smoothies in the Best of the Bay awards for the past two years. In hindsight it makes sense, our smoothies are made with 100% fresh frozen fruit; never any ice – of course they’d stand out. 

But now the pressure is on to keep up with this title that has been bestowed upon us. How does one freshen up the freshest smoothie selection in the Tampa Bay area?

We’re doing something new. Something Fancy. Something Extravagant. Most importantly, we’re doing something delicious.

We’re Doing Boujee Smoothies.

Check out the newest additions to our smoothie repertoire below:

Blueberry Lavender

When you’re trying to luxuriate, everything is better in twos. The Blueberry Lavender Boujee Smoothie has two types of berries (yes, a banana is a berry, read this and get ready to have your life changed.) Real lavender flowers, maple syrup (the legitimate kind, none of that corn syrup nonsense) and almond milk complete the experience.

Just imagine yourself napping in a berry patch with a lavender sleep mask, or maybe you’re having a berry-licious picnic in the famed lavender fields of the French countryside. We don’t care, we just want you to enjoy your smoothie.


The Rose, ubiquitous symbol of love and friendship and boujee cultivar since as early as 500 BCE. Why we didn’t already have a smoothie featuring this legendary flower is beyond us. Stopping at a simple rosewater smoothie would have been a crime against all that is boujee, so these roses have an entourage of pineapple, vanilla and raspberries. Don’t stop at self-love, show yourself some self-romance.

Not exactly ‘La Vie en Rose’ but Boujee is not about specificity, it’s a state of mind. Treat yourself. Love yourself.

Blue Spirulina Swirl

People giving you a hard time for your lifestyle choices? Be Boujee with a purpose: the Blue Spirulina Swirl is as layered as the incredible experience we call life. Hyperbole aside, the vibrant contrast in this Boujee Smoothie comes from dragon fruit and a wondrous marriage of blue spirulina and coconut whipped cream. A little bit of banana and mango and a splash of OJ and vanilla coconut milk add even more depth of flavor to this couture concoction.

Boujee Smoothies: when people want to compliment your drip but the only drip your worried about is making sure your smoothie doesn’t drip over the side of the cup.

You can order a Boujee Smoothie at either of our Rollin’ Oats locations in St. Pete or Tampa.

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