Rollin’ Oats & Angry Chair Bring Krusher Kölsch To Life

Spring has sprung early for us over here at Rollin’ Oats…okay let’s face it, one’s concept of spring (and the other seasons for that matter) really gets warped down in Florida. Even if you’ve already been taking advantage of the mild winter weather to frolic with your friends, it’s always good to have an excuse to get out and about.

And what better excuse than a new beer collab! We got together with our friends over at Angry Chair Brewing and came up with the perfect brew for you and your friends to sip as the sun starts to linger in the sky a little longer each day.

Ready to Krush Another Collab

Tampa Rollin’ Oats beer & wine manager Neal and head brewer at Angry Chair Jordan enjoying the fruits of a successful brewing collaboration.

Both Neal and Jordan had been interested in this style of beer on their own for a while, so when Neal pitched the idea of doing a Kölsch-style beer for the collaboration project, Jordan needed zero convincing.

Following that moment of serendipity, Krusher Kölsch was born. Inspired by friendship and necessitated by climate (we need easy drinkin’ beers down here in sunny Florida) Krusher Kölsch is a perfect choice for spending time outdoors with your friends.

Roll That Beautiful Can Footage

The can art is a whimsical blend of Angry Chair’s darker themes with the lighthearted vibes found at Rollin Oats.

Crack Open a… Kölsch One?

Krusher Kölsch is our newest craft beer concoction and it’s very cool (if we do say so ourselves.) While not a “true” Kolsch,  (it’s a regional term, much like champagne) this Kölsch-style beer is complex enough to be interesting but still light enough to enjoy without it sneaking up on you.

Much like Easy Rollin’ Ale, the flavors you experience come mostly from the aromatics of the hops used. In Krusher Kölsch, Bru-1 and Sultana team together to take your taste-buds on the pineapple express…without there being any pineapple or pineapple flavoring in the beer.

What Kind of Beer Sorcery Is This!?

It’s truly something you have to try to believe and you’ll be able to find it in both our Tampa and St. Pete locations Wednesday March 8th, while supplies last. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, Krusher Kölsch is sure to be making its way into our regular monthly tastings as well, so you’ll have ample opportunity to try this refreshing offer from Rollin’ Oats and Angry Chair Brewing.

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