Rollin’ Oats Launches Organic Grocery Delivery in St. Pete

Organic grocery delivery in St. Pete is now available through Rollin’ Oats. As a locally owned business since 1994, we are proud to announce the launch of our very own local, natural and organic grocery delivery service in St. Pete. This service is done completely in house by the Rollin’ Oats team members you will recognize from shopping in store or utilizing our curbside pickup service.

Curbside Pickup

Quality Service You Know and Love

We wanted to keep our delivery service in house for several reasons. First, to maintain the customer service that you are accustomed to when you shop with us in store. We are a locally owned business where our owners live in St. Pete, and you can find them assisting customers on the sales floor. We have staff members that have been with us since the very beginning. We wanted to ensure that you are getting that same service and sense of community right to your doorstep.

Same Price as In Store

The other benefit to our own delivery service is that you get to shop the same price as in store. Other services oftentimes raise the price on items when shopping online. There is one flat fee of $10 for delivery, but the pricing on items is the same as shopping in store.

Why Use Rollin’ Oats Delivery

Shop local and shop clean! The beauty of this service is that you can shop our quality products that meet our product standards. That means our items are free of antibiotics, artificial preservatives, pesticides and more. Our unique departments provide you with a plethora of items to choose from specifically curated for health-minded individuals. Our bulk section, 100% organic produce section, vitamins and supplements, dairy-free section, and natural beauty and body care products are just some of the reasons why our selection is distinctive. Shop for your health and also support a local business that has served the community for decades.

Shop Online

How It Works

Our Frequently Asked Questions page will assist you with creating an account if you do not have one already. The benefit to that is once you start ordering with us, you can see your past orders and easily add items to your cart for the next time you shop.

When it comes to product availability, there may be some items you do not see listed online that you have purchased in store. That is likely due to limited availability on how much we have in stock, or it is not available. This may occur with items in the café case, as those sell out quickly in store. If you are looking for an item, just add it to the “Order Instructions” box at checkout. Ex: Please add Rollin’ Oats Café White Chicken Chili size small, if it is in stock.

We will do our best to fulfill any requests and add them to your order. Also, please select whether you would like items to “allow substitutions” or not allow them. That way if there is a similar brand of the same item, we will swap it out or simply not include it in your order. Learn more about these details in our FAQs.

Delivery Van

Organic Grocery Delivery in St. Pete

As of right now, deliveries are available Monday-Friday and the delivery zone is approximately a 3-mile radius of our St. Pete location. Depending on the demand, we will extend this out further if we find more customers in need of this service. We also plan to launch this same delivery service out of our Tampa location later this year. We are proud to provide organic grocery delivery in St. Pete! Start shopping now.

A special thanks to I Love the Burg for sharing the news of our organic grocery delivery in St. Pete.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this news! We are continually finding ways to add value to our customers that have supported us so much throughout the years. 

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