Rollin’ Oats St. Pete Expands Dairy-Free Section

Vegans and those who are dairy or lactose free, rejoice! Rollin’ Oats St. Petersburg has added two new cold cases. There is now 12 feet of newly dedicated space to plant-based, dairy alternatives. If you are vegan or dairy-free, there are more options for dairy alternatives all in one area for easy shopping.

New Options from Dairy-Free Brands

Dairy Free Cheese Alternatives

Many brands offer plant-based milks like soy, cashew, almond, oat and coconut. There are also cheese alternatives that come in blocks, shreds, slices and wheels. Are you looking for dairy-free yogurt, butter, cream cheese or sour cream? We have plenty of those too! New lines of products are included in the expansion, from brands like Miyokos Creamery, Daiya, Violife, Kite Hill and more.

Dairy Free Cream Cheese and Spreads

Find all of the dairy-free milks in the newly-added cases. Then there are spreads, dips, dressings, cream cheeses, followed by a variety of cheese alternatives. Across the aisle you will find the non-dairy yogurt and butter. Because we have so many dairy-free options now, it couldn’t fit all in one section! It is exciting for us to present this many dairy-alternative options to our customers.

Reasons for a Dairy-Free Diet

Even if you are not on a strictly plant-based diet, some try to eat plant-based for certain meals every so often. Focusing on a plant-based diet is sometimes used to assist in reducing meat and dairy consumption for health purposes. Trying out some dairy alternatives is a great way to help explore plant-based eating. For instance, having a slice of cheddar alternative might make you less likely to feel that you are missing that “cheesy” topping on your plant-based burger.

If you are finding out that you have an allergy to lactose or milk, it may feel overwhelming. Suddenly, you have to start figuring out how to make changes to meals you never thought about. If you have always had dairy in your diet, how could you possibly go without it?

The dairy alternatives found in this new section of Rollin’ Oats Market & Cafe St. Pete will leave you with plenty of options. The selection that is available will help you with easing into your new way of living well.

Come check out the new section in the St. Pete location, or shop online and order for curbside pickup. If you shop our Tampa location, we also offer a substantial amount of these same dairy-free products and brands.

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