Ryes and Roll – A Fruitful Collaboration With Edmund’s Oast

Allow us to introduce you to “Ryes and Roll,” our recent collaboration with Edmund’s Oast Brewing in Charleston, South Carolina. Ryes and Roll is a unique roggenbier-inspired rye lager featuring the state fruits of both regions – peach and orange. This is our first out-of-state collaboration, bridging the gap between the Sunshine State and the Lowcountry.

Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co. is more than a brewery: operating a restaurant and brewpub, as well as a taproom and up until recently, a beer and wine retail store. Much like us here at Rollin Oats, our friends at Edmund’s Oast take their inherent passion for fine food and drink and run with it. The result is a multifaceted offering to the Charleston community.

Edmund’s Oast has cultivated a passionate and welcoming environment in Charleston SC.

Why Rye?

At the heart of “Ryes and Roll” lies a beer style that may be unfamiliar to many – roggenbier. This traditional German style places rye malt at the forefront, resulting in a slightly spicy profile. The mildly peppery notes of rye found in roggenbier offered the ideal canvas for the juicy, vibrant flavors of the selected fruits.

Neal “ryeses” to the occasion for the quintessential hands-on brewing experience.

However, this particular style of beer was one that was almost lost to time. The Reinheitsgebot, also known as the German Beer Purity Law, is a historic beer regulation that originated in Germany. Enacted in 1516, this law stipulated that beer could only be brewed using a limited set of ingredients: water, malted barley, and hops. Roggenbier (and other German styles that used different grains) effectively disappeared. The first modern roggenbier wasn’t created until the 1980s, almost 500 years later!

A Work of Art

A sight to behold.

With each sip of “Ryes and Roll,” you’re invited to partake in the harmonious convergence of two communities. This beer isn’t merely a collaboration; it’s a tribute to the art of coming together. As you savor the unique combination of peach, orange, and the rye-inspired profile, you’re participating in a story that celebrates creativity, community, and the shared joy of remarkable flavors.

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