Old Earth – Made from a Passion for Health

The Beginning of Old Earth

Brooke and Hynek are the owners and founders of Old Earth, a line of vegan local products made in St. Petersburg, Florida. The couple has been married for seven years and live in St. Pete. Hynek is originally from Velke Pavlovice, South Moravia region of Czech Republic. The two decided to venture into making healthier products that they thought could fill a gap where certain items were lacking. In 2014, they started brainstorming some concepts, and in 2015 they began developing items.

“There weren’t many products that were super clean, so we wanted to try to contribute to that part of the health food community,” said Brooke. One of the reasons they got started in the health food industry is their mothers. Both Brooke’s mother and Hynek’s mother had their own health struggles that inspired them to promote healthy eating, and that making it a lifestyle is key.

“Let’s try to help people,” said Hynek.

Brooke and Hynek

Vegan, Local Products

In all, there are eight items that are produced in their kitchen space in St. Pete. All items are vegan and gluten free. Items include: Scallion Spread, Dill Spread, Vegan Pesto, Mushroom Pate, Veggie Chips, Onion Wrap, and their newest items Czech Style Sauerkraut and Mango & Coconut Pudding.

If you are trying to avoid processed foods, or eat less dairy, these items make it easy to add flavor and provide an alternative for you. “Our products are very pure, clean we use fresh ingredients so the flavors are full, they’re vibrant. Therefore, you don’t have to be vegan to eat them, it just enhances your meals,” said Brooke.

You don’t have to be vegan to eat vegan food! However, if you do eat meat or fish, you can easily utilize these products to add a boost of flavor to a dish. For instance, the Old Earth Dill Spread is a great accompaniment to fish.

How Hynek Made Healthy Changes

When the couple first got married, Brooke was vegan and Hynek was not. As a vegan, Brooke was unsure of how to cook for her new husband, but Hynek was interested in giving the vegan lifestyle a try.

“It was actually easy for me, because one time a doctor told me, ‘Your blood pressure is high, you’ve got to start eating vegetables’ and I went to the store and I just grabbed this, grabbed this, and started chewing on it!” said Hynek. When Brooke began to prepare meals for him, it made it a much easier transition as he could see all the possibilities there were.

With Hynek’s new vegan lifestyle, he discovered even his snacking was becoming healthier. “I’m an eater, I snack late. If you snack late with the green food, I was losing weight, I feel better, things were changing for me, I was like WOW! Why not just keep it this way?” said Hynek.

Vegan Healthy Recipes with Old Earth

Brooke and Hynek showed us several dishes that can be made with their vegan local products. 

Famous Old Earth Veggie Wrap

Vegan Old Earth Veggie Wrap

Ingredients: Old Earth Onion Wrap, Old Earth Dill Spread, Czech-Style Sauerkraut, Tomato, Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce.

Spicy Rice & Bean Bowl
Vegan Spicy Rice and Bean Bowl

Ingredients: Brown rice, Garbanzo Beans, Pinto Beans, Old Earth Scallion Spread, Old Earth Mushroom Pate, Tomato, Avocado, Lettuce

Sauerkraut Potato Salad
Vegan Kraut Potato Salad

Ingredients: Diced and Boiled Potatoes, Old Earth Scallion Spread, Czech Style Sauerkraut.

Old Earth Snack & Party Plate
Vegan Old Earth Snack Plate

Ingredients: Old Earth Scallion Spread, Old Earth Dill Spread, Old Earth Vegan Pesto, Old Earth Veggie Chips
Also great paired with sliced cucumbers, pretzel sticks, potato chips and more!

Find all Old Earth products at Rollin’ Oats Market & Cafe at either of our locations in St. Pete or Tampa. You can even order Old Earth online with your groceries for curbside pickup!

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