Fruit Cutting Tips That You Didn’t Know You Needed

Chef Mario has put together these fruit cutting tips that you may not have thought of, but are very helpful in making sure that you don’t waste portions of your produce.

It may seem simple, but sometimes there is more to learn on how to cut certain fruit and even different ways to serve it! How many times do you shop for produce, only to let it sit and sit, and before you know it, it has gone bad because you never prepared it? Or, how many times do you feel like you are throwing away a good amount of fruit because you weren’t sure how to remove it from the pit or skin properly?

Let’s stop the waste! Here are several fruit cutting tips that will help you get the most out of your produce.

How to Cut a Mango – Two Ways

Utensils used: Paring knife, spoon

Check the ripeness of the mango based on if it has a reddish color and it is starting to feel soft.

Begin by cutting near the center, feeling for where the pit is located within the mango. This will create two halves.

One half of the mango should still contain the pit. Using your paring knife, slowly cut as close to the pit as you can. This will be how you get the most out of your mango, without any left stuck to the pit. Place the pit aside.

Using the spoon, scoop as closely to the skin as you can.

Slice that half of the mango.

On the remaining half, try a different way of cutting to serve it in a decorative way, in chunks. This will create a mango “porcupine”.

Score the mango at an angle. Carefully apply just enough pressure to cut it, without cutting through the skin.

Flip the mango, inverting it so that the chunks of mango stick out, looking like a porcupine.

Please be careful when cutting! Do not rush and cut slowly.

How to Cut a Pineapple

Utensils used: 8 in. French knife

Start with cutting off the crown (green top) of the pineapple, followed by the end.

Then, cut down the center of the fruit. Check to see if the top or bottom part of the fruit seems to be tough. Cut tough pieces off if there are any.

Take one half that was cut and cut it into thirds. Slice down each third, removing the tough core.

Repeat the same step on the remaining half of the fruit.

Then, slice between the pineapple and the rind.

While keeping the fruit on top of the rind, slice the fruit.

You may move the slices apart slightly for easy serving.

How to Cut a Kiwi

Utensils used: Paring knife, spoon

Cut off each end of the kiwi.

Using a spoon, scoop around the kiwi to remove the fruit from the skin.

Tear or peel off the skin once it has been detached from the fruit.


How To Cut An Avocado – Sliced or Diced

Utensils used: 8 in. French knife, paring knife, spoon

Start cutting with the French knife around the center, avoiding the pit.

Split the avocado. Using the French knife, carefully tap the pit to remove it.

On this half, use the spoon to scoop out the avocado.


On this half of the avocado, use the paring knife and gently crosshatch at a 45 degree angle.

Scoop out the avocado with the spoon. Now you have diced pieces of avocado.

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